The Secret Behind Planning a Great Seafood Menu

No enterprise can be operated by one person. The restaurant industry is perhaps one of the most teamwork-oriented of them all. As you watch the employees of a restaurant move around, you can see the teamwork before your eyes. Yet that is only one side of the equation. Behind the scenes, the chef and management must put together a winning menu. Without great food suppliers who are reliable and responsible, delivering a consistent menu to your clientele can become a tricky enterprise.

Seafood is one of the most complicated things on a menu. You have to know who you are buying from and where they are getting their product. Working with sustainable seafood suppliers is an important move for a restaurant. If a certain dish becomes popular and a supplier tells you one day it can no longer be delivered, you are going to have issues when you open for dinner the next night. Such things do not happen with Alaska seafood species, so you should look in that direction if you are in charge of the menu.

A great seafood menu involves a lot of different things. Whitefish and shellfish are essentials, but the Omega-3 rich salmon and tuna are also incredibly popular. While you might think that no one place can deliver all of these different species, Alaska fisheries harvest all of these and more off the coast every year. The reason that Alaska fisheries are still sustainable seafood suppliers is in the law. Even before Alaska was a state, the founding fathers of the territory knew that fishing was part of the fabric of the culture. Without fishing, the future of the state would be troublesome, so the laws went right into the Constitution.

Enforcing the law is another story altogether, but that story continues to be written in Alaska. Regulatory agencies are always patrolling the icy waters off the state, looking for offenders and making sure the fisheries are run properly. For this reason, the state is famous for sustainable seafood suppliers. Chefs know they will get their salmon, their halibut, their shrimp and whatever else makes the menu thrive when they need it.